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Life & Relationship Coach

I am a passionate Life and Relationship Coach. With a background in psychology and human behaviour, life and relationship coaching has given me an undeniable gift for understanding people. I recognised early in my career that the high-volume environments common in traditional Life and Relationship Coaching could not offer the personal care and results people were wanting to achieve, both individually and in their relationships. Going above and beyond for recognising my client needs has earned me the reputation as a trusted, and innovative Coach. In addition to working one-on-one with individuals and couples, I am a prominent coach to women, empowering them to challenge the conventional advice that may be holding them back from finding love again after relationships.

“The most powerful place you can humanly exist, is in this very moment.”

Renee Brown

Renee Brown

Matchmaker & Relationship Coach

Life Coaching

Intensify your existence. Clarify your goals, identify the obstacles, then create strategies for overcoming obstacles with effective support, information and guidance.

Relationship Coaching

A professional client-focused service helping individuals and couples maintain healthy, powerful, relationship goals and lasting success.


An exclusive, personalised service helping successful professionals within their search to find love.

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"After my 8-year relationship ended I thought I was doing ok navigating through the dating world on my own. After nearly 18 months of having time by myself and also dating I thought I was doing great. It wasn’t until I opened up to Renee that I realised I still had some blockages and emotionally was probably not available to let that special person into my life. After some coaching sessions with Renee, I switched on the light, realised what I deserved in a relationship and that special person literally stepped into my life. Thank you Renee"
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