Is your relationship stuck in a repetitive cycle of unhealthy behaviour?

I can help you get unstuck.


Couples coaching that helps your relationship evolve

All couples hit a bump or two in the road occasionally. Negative behaviours can creep into any relationship, until it seems impossible to get things back on track.

Sometimes couples stay together for the wrong reasons – fear of being alone, fear of failure or fear of breaking up your family.

Professional couples coaching makes it easier for you to identify your sticking points, move past them and achieve the best outcomes possible.

Is couples coaching for you?

Hello, I’m Renee Brown.
Couples coaching may be new to you – but you can rest assured it’s no

My relationship coaching has been effective for many different people dealing with many different situations.

Relationship coaching can help if you’re:

  • ready to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your behaviours
    recovering from infidelity
  • struggling to trust or commit to your partner
  • seeking to discover a new purpose after a relationship has ended
  • new to relationships or have never had a successful relationship
  • preparing for a new relationship for the first time in years

You can take action now:

book a free 15-minute call
with me if you’d like to know more. Or, if you know you’re ready to get started,

book your first coaching session

t new to me. I’m a lifelong student of human behaviour with a background in psychology.

My work as a couples coach combines my globally certified coaching expertise with the rich experience I’ve gained from my career as a successful matchmaker.

I’m renowned for my results-oriented, straight-talking, no-fluff approach that comes from a genuine, heartfelt desire to help you build better relationships that enhance your life.

Why trust me with your relationship coaching?

Hello, I’m Renee Brown.
Relationship coaching may be a new concept for you – but you can rest assured it’s not new to me. I’m a lifelong student of human behaviour with a background in psychology

My work as a coach combines experience from my career as a successful matchmaker and my globally certified coaching expertise.

I’m renowned for my results-oriented, straight-talking, no-fluff approach that comes from a genuine, heartfelt desire to help you improve your relationships and your life.

While my relationship coaching helps people with a range of relationship struggles, relationships affected by domestic violence or abuse are outside my area of expertise.

I recommend contacting a dedicated service if you need help dealing with this type of situation. *

What can you expect from my couples coaching?

I deliver couples coaching online Australia wide. To achieve the best possible results, both must commit to participating fully in a minimum of four coaching sessions, both as a couple and individual sessions.

Once we’re clear about the specific outcomes you’re working towards as a couple, we follow my proven couples coaching framework.

Coaching for Perth-based couples

  1. Meet with Renee – discover why both of you are here. I make sure you have equal time to talk through your particular issues or concerns in a non-confrontational way.
  2. Establish practical goals – each of you contributes to setting 1–2 goals in a non-judgemental way.
  3. Explore different communication styles – dig deeper into the science of the female vs the male brain and how this causes unexpected communication problems.
  4. Identify and break harmful behaviour patterns – look at how and where these behaviours show up in your everyday life – focus on triggers and coping strategies.
  5. Create a tailored plan – together we’ll create a framework for the next 4 weeks to help you move forward with your relationship and change toxic behaviours permanently.
  6. Measure and evaluate your success – whether your goals were to improve your relationship and reconnect or find a painless, amicable way to separate, I’ll help you find your purpose, review your progress and talk about next steps.

If you need to change behaviours that are hurting your relationship, my couples coaching can help. Book your free 15-minute call with me and discover how couples coaching can improve your relationship.





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