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Narcissistic Relationship Recovery

As a Nationally recognised Relationship Coach a consistent issue I see come up in many toxic relationships is how to recognise and deal with Narcissistic partners. Narcissism is an issue that often goes undiagnosed, leaving many men and women suffering in silence. Wondering why?
I specialise in Narcissism and completed further training with Dr Ross Rosenberg, a renowned US psychotherapist that has studied Narcissism for many years. I help educate my clients specifically around narcissistic partners, understanding their characteristics, toxic patterns and how to implement a safe and successful recovery process after leaving a narcissistic relationship.

Do you need help with a narcissist?

If you’re in a relationship with a someone that gaslights you, is manipulative, controlling, is physically and emotionally abusive, they may in fact be a Narcissist. I encourage you to book in a free 15 minute call with me so I can learn more about your situation and see if my coaching will be a good fit for you.
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Why Trust Me

Hello, I’m Renee Brown.
Relationship coaching may be a new concept for you – but you can rest assured it’s not new to me. I’m a lifelong student of human behaviour with a background in psychology and I have helped many understand and recover from the narcissistic relationships that they have been in.

    Are you in a narcissistic relationship?

    Narcissitic relatoinships occur everywhere. Narcissim can be found in relationships, among siblings, in the workplace or anywhere that there is a power struggle between two individuals. 
    Some signs you experienced (or are experiencing) ABUSE in your relationship.
    As the name suggests, this is name-calling, put downs and hurtful comments that are aimed at demeaning the receiver, and question their self-worth. These words can stay with people for life, and can be so damaging.
    This is where manipulation begins. Gaslighting. Betrayal and mistrust. Emotional abuse can be very damaging to your mental health and wellbeing.
    Power struggles over money can be very harmful in relationships. Any form of control, bullying, manipulation around money is not ok.

    * While my relationship coaching helps people with a range of relationship struggles, relationships affected by domestic violence or abuse are outside my area of expertise.

    I recommend contacting a dedicated service if you need help dealing with this type of situation. *

    What can you expect from my coaching?

    I offer my relationship coaching in person, in Perth. It’s tailored to meet your specific needs and situation, so the experience is different for everyone. I also offer online sessions through Zoom to those who can’t make it to see me in person. 

    When it comes to narcissistic relationships, I work with both couples who are in narcissistic relationships and those who are recovering after having been in a narcissistic relationship. 

    Once we’ve established your goals and identified what success will look like for you, we follow my proven relationship coaching framework.

    ‘I felt like I was in exceptional hands with Renee. Her professionalism and expertise helped me gain self-development in the area of relationships and dating to become, overall, a better version of myself.’

    One-to-one Perth-based relationship coaching

    • Complete a questionnaire – this helps you pinpoint what you want your coaching to focus on.
    • One-to-one meeting with Renee – dig deeper into your area of focus and explore what you need help with.
    • Complete timeline therapy with Renee – discover the origin and history of your relationship behaviours and explore any significant insights it reveals.
    • Identify and acknowledge deep-seated behaviours – learn to recognise what they look like when they show up in your life.
    • Develop exercises to retrain your brain – catch these behaviours when they pop up so you can break the repetitive cycle and change how you respond.
    • Put a tailored plan together – develop a framework for your personalised strategy to help you change your relationship behaviours permanently.
    • Measure and celebrate your success – it looks different for everyone but, for you, success could mean a change in how you feel about yourself, improved self-talk, greater self-assurance or better relationship outcomes.
    If you’re ready to start living your true life and escape the trauma and narcissism book your 1:1 session with me today





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