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Personalised help from a trusted relationship coach

When a relationship you care about is in trouble, you can feel unsure about where to get help with such a private problem. Friends or family are usually too emotionally invested to be impartial. A marriage guidance counsellor or couple’s therapist can feel too impersonal. As your trusted relationship coach, I create a safe space for you to share your experiences with openness and honesty. And my range of coaching services means you can work with me alone or with a partner to find purpose in – or after – a relationship.

“The most powerful place you can humanly exist, is in this very moment.”

Renee Brown

‘I felt like I was in exceptional hands with Renee. Her professionalism and expertise helped me gain self-development in the area of relationships and dating to become, overall, a better version of myself.’

Life-changing coaching services

Relationship Coaching Perth

If you’re seeking to recover from past and present relationship experiences, my relationship coaching helps you learn, heal and grow.

Couples Coaching Perth

Move forward together. Couples who are committed to resolving relationship difficulties achieve more success with my practical couples coaching.

Discovery Call

Don’t leave relationship success to chance any longer. Book your free 15-minute call with Renee and start working towards building better relationships today.

Everything you need for relationship success already exists within you

My success as a relationship coach comes down to three things that make up my unique blend of knowledge, experience and skills.

Through highly personalised practical coaching, you’ll discover how to access the power that already exists within you, so you can:

  • grow or heal from past relationships
  • improve, mend or leave present relationships
  • prepare for healthier, happier future relationships
‘After my coaching sessions with Renee, I switched on the light, realised what I deserved in a relationship and that special person literally stepped into my life.’

Are you ready to take the next step?


Meet Renee Brown, Relationship Coach, Perth

My journey to become one of Perth’s most sought-after relationship coaches evolved from running a successful multi National matchmaking business. 

As a matchmaker, I observed that some clients seemed stuck repeating negative patterns of behaviour from relationship to relationship.

With my background in psychology, I was naturally driven to learn how I could help.

I did my research, then travelled to the US to complete a globally recognised Certificate in Strategic Intervention Life and Relationship Coaching.

My coaching certification allows me to help singles and couples whose relationship struggles are negatively affecting their lives.

I’ve developed my proven 3 step process to offer couples a fast, results-oriented programme to explore the health of their relationship.

By the end of the process, the couple achieves clarity about the next steps for their relationship – whether that’s staying together or agreeing to part.

Certificate in Strategic Intervention Life and Relationship Coaching

Renee completed her certificate in the US with Robbins-Madanes Training.
RMT is the official life coach training school of Tony Robbins.

Don’t let unhealthy relationship patterns hold you back from the life you deserve.

Contact Perth-based relationship coach Renee Brown and start building better relationships.

Renee Brown Support Group

Sometimes the opinions of friends and family can cloud our judgement, and what we really need is an external, unbiased party to provide the clarity we need. A fresh perspective.

This is why I started this Relationship Support Group, to be a safe, welcoming space where we can all work on our relationships, learn together, share experiences, and be a pillar of strength and support during the tough times.

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