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Are you wondering why you’re still single? Tired of feeling disappointed by dates and three-month ‘situationships’ that go absolutely nowhere?

Have you considered a Perth Dating Coach?

Date Coaching is going to transform your love life within weeks and realign your whole outlook towards dating and relationships

If you’ve landed here, you want to find love. You’re actively looking for it and you’ve probably tried all the dating apps. But it’s been months, maybe years, and it just. isn’t. working.

Spending Friday night slumped on the couch while your Instagram feed floods with marriage and baby announcements is the new normal. And now the borders are open again, there’s nothing you would love more than to travel somewhere with a partner and share these experiences.

If this sounds like you and you’ve been single for some time (and wanting to change that!) you’re in the right place.

The truth is, if you’ve been putting yourself out there and aren’t having much luck, there are perhaps some deeper issues at play you might not even realise. Underlying behaviours and patterns you keep repeating that are holding you back from finding Your Person and sustaining a long-term successful relationship.

Let me help you find the love you deserve!

Introducing my Date Coaching Package

Throughout my career as a renowned Relationship Coach and running a successful Matchmaking business, some of my biggest breakthroughs were from analysing dating behaviour from clients.

What I discovered was the issues clients were experiencing were a result of previous relationship conditioning – essentially past relationship behaviour – spanning all the way back to childhood, that they kept replicating with new partners.

Through my sessions with these individuals, we identified these negative relationship patterns and the *block* that was holding them back. And since this intensive coaching, my clients have gone on to enter happy, healthy, loving relationships.

With a tailored balance of insight, education and mindset tweaking, my 6-week 1:1 Date Coaching is going to open up your eyes to what’s not working and set you up for future relationship success.

Why Trust Me

Hello, I’m Renee Brown.
Date coaching may be a new concept for you – but you can rest assured it’s not new to me. I’m a lifelong student of human behaviour with a background in psychology.  I have helped many singles take control of their dating and relationship success.

    What does Date Coaching involve?

    My Date Coaching Program is an intensive 6-week program involving 1:1 coaching with myself, experienced Relationship and Life Coach Renee Brown.

    Sessions are highly personalised and will help you find clarity on how to completely succeed with dating (including online) and learn valuable life skills on what it takes to attract and retain a long-term relationship.

    In just six weeks we’ll cover:

    • Relationship conditioning from past relationships including analysis of your DNA inherited characteristics, your relationship history and identifying negative patterns and blocks holding you back, to avoid recreating any of those same habits or patterns in future relationships.
    • Compatibility and getting crystal clear on the type of person you want to be with, to increase your chances of attracting them faster!
    • Your individual relationship rules and expectations for dating, to make sure in your next relationship your boundaries are aligned and your baseline needs are met.
    • Foundations required for long term relationship success so that you can create solid foundations for any future relationship to flourish.
    • Education and support so that you feel equipped to hold a thriving, supportive, magnetic and incredible relationship moving forward.
    • Plus so much more


    • 6 x 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions with experienced Relationship Coach Renee Brown run over six weeks (available face-to-face in my Subiaco office or via Zoom) where we’ll create a unique plan for your specific dating requirements, to help you attract the partner of your dreams
    • Email support for the duration of the program to ensure you’re fully supported between sessions
    • Access to my Relationship Support Group on Facebook to come together with other people at a similar life journey to you (no more feeling like you’re the only one!)
    • to become a ‘full bottle’ on dating, love and relationships

    Who is Date Coaching for?

    This is for you if…

    • You’ve been single a while and have been putting yourself out there and not having much luck
    • You continuously find yourself in ‘situationships’ that go nowhere
    • You keep meeting the same types of partners = the same outcome
    • You’re ready for a long-term successful relationship and to start dating again
    • You’re recently single and wanting to learn from your past so your next relationship is your last

    From supporting hundreds of clients through this work, I know that it can feel exhausting, challenging and like you want to give up. I also know that so often that’s when your amazing relationship is right around the corner.

    I’d love to support you to navigate the deeper work required to help you attract an incredible match for you, and move into the next season of life you so deeply crave.





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