7-day relationship challenge

If, as a couple, you’re ready to shake things up, my 7-Day Relationship Challenge will disrupt your repetitive behaviour patterns and reset your relationship.

Are you ready to redefine your relationship?

Is it time to redefine your relationship?

When negative patterns of behaviour become ingrained in your relationship, it can feel like you’re stuck.

The same frustrating issues trigger the same reactions again and again. You begin to wonder whether the relationship has run its course.

Or can you redefine it? Is there still a chance to rekindle the connection you both once shared? My 7-Day Relationship Challenge can give you the clarity you seek.

Is the 7-Day Relationship Challenge for you?

My 7-Day Relationship Challenge isn’t for everyone. It requires a deep level of commitment from each couple to spend time apart and dig into the state of your relationship.

It’s ideal if you both still share a sense of love and hope for your relationship. It’s also a great way to be supported as you explore whether your relationship is over. Either way, it will help you move forward.

The 7-Day Relationship Challenge will help you gain clarity about how to:

  • Break negative patterns of behaviour as a couple
  • Reconnect emotionally with your partner
  • Better understand your partner
  • Re-establish the connection between you after children have left home
  • Prepare a strategy to end your relationship as smoothly as possible

Whether you’d like to learn more about my 7-day relationship challenge, or you know it’s just what you’ve been looking for,

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Why trust me with the future of your relationship?

Hello, I’m Renee Brown.
I’m a lifelong student of human behaviour with a background in psychology.

My work as a coach combines experience from my career as a successful matchmaker in Australia and my globally certified coaching expertise.

I developed the 7-Day Relationship Challenge to give couples a fast, hard look at the state of their relationship. It helps you discover whether it’s time to start afresh – together, or separately.

 While my 7-Day Relationship Challenge helps people with a range of relationship struggles, relationships affected by domestic violence or abuse are outside my area of expertise. I recommend contacting a dedicated service if you need help dealing with this type of situation. *

What can you expect from the 7-Day Relationship Challenge?

My 7-Day Relationship Challenge has been designed to help you end repetitive toxic relationship patterns and make lasting changes to your relationship. It requires a high level of commitment from you as a couple. Over the 7 days, both the man and the woman will work closely with me, while having time out from each other.

  • The costs is $1500
  • The duration is 7 Days
  • 1 x face to face couple session at the beginning and the end of 7 days.
  • 1 x face to face individual session for each person during the 7 days
  • Daily phone or Zoom sessions with me through out the 7 days.
Topics covered
  • Relationship Conditioning 
  • Suppressed Emotions
  • Contributing Factors to Relationship Fatigue
  • Setting New Relationship Rules & Expectations 
‘I am truly grateful for everything Renee’s program has added to my life. By taking onboard the step by step course I was able to create room in my mind, reduce the pressure and truly know what I won’t sacrifice by removing any second guessing.’

Overview of the 7-Day Relationship Challenge

  • You’ll begin with a couples coaching session to help you acknowledge the issues you’re facing. Together, we’ll map out the rules and schedule for the next 6 days. Both people need to state their commitment to the challenge.

    After this session there is no contact allowed between the two of you – we’ll work out the best way to manage this.

  • The next 5 days will be dedicated to working on your relationship. Both of you will participate in tailored one-to-one coaching with me. Plus, you’ll have time to focus on your purpose, inside and outside your relationship.
  • On your final day, you’ll meet up with me as a couple once more. You’ll decide how best to move forward – whether that means a new journey together or bringing an end to your relationship as smoothly as possible.

After the challenge is over, most couples find they want to explore their newfound purpose and continue to work with me – together or individually.

‘Having a clear plan and step by step process gave me peace. The techniques and strategy we worked on through our sessions have paved my journey. Renee asked open questions and allowed my mind to relax under its imploding pressure. She allowed me to accept who I am as an individual, give myself the permission to breath my own air and know who I truly am.’

Do you want to break out of your relationship rut and discover the best way forward for both of you? Find out more about my life-changing 7-Day Relationship Challenge.

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